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I’m Drewsif.

I’ve always found writing Bios difficult, because I try to put a foot in every door I can find.

Primarily a musician with multiple cross country tours on two different continents, a number of performances at well known music festivals, and a pretty sizable internet following under my belt, I’ve been writing and self-producing music for more than 15 years. I’ve self-produced and self-released 4 full length albums under multiple projects, and a number of EP’s as well. I’ve been a filmmaker for just as long, having shot and edited a feature length film, numerous short films, music videos, and lots of content for social media/youtube. I’ve also got background in Photography, Graphic Design, and Tour Managing. I’ve always found it important to be able to put on any hat I need to for whatever the job requires.

I’ve worked with Caparison Guitars, Joey Sturgis Tones, STL Tones, Ultimate Recording Machine (Nail The Mix), Strandberg Guitars, Legator Guitars, Neural DSP, Instrumental Pickups, Airis Effects, Pro Tone Pedals, Revv Amps, Glarry Music, Stone Age Guitar Picks, Chicken Picks, and Positive Grid.

My aim in life is to help people through tough times and provide something for everyone to emotionally connect with.

My brand mission is transparency; connecting with my audience like an actual human being. I love showcasing smaller brands and working with my peers to boost everyone up together.

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